Participation in BRM Events

Important Points

Please read the following information carefully and agree to abide by it before participating in the event.

  1. Please read and understand Audax Japan’s BRM/AJ regulations carefully before participating in the brevet.
  2. Brevet is not a race.
  3. It is held on public roads. Compliance with traffic laws is a prerequisite for participating in a brevet. Please study the traffic laws, especially if you do not have a driver’s license.
  4. Please understand that brevet is established on the basis of smooth sharing of the road with other road users. Pedestrians should be given priority as a matter of course, but please do not ride selfishly, keeping in mind that you are sharing the road with cars and other vehicles on the roadway.
  5. Brevet is a dangerous sport. There is always a risk of becoming a victim or a perpetrator of an accident. Accidents can cause serious physical injury to you and others, including permanent disability, paralysis, and death.
  6. In order to participate in BRM, it is an absolute requirement that you have third-party liability insurance (100 million yen or more). Those who do not have insurance will not be allowed to participate. Please check by yourself whether your insurance policy covers the brevet.(In many cases, people coming from overseas to participate in BRM use “7-Eleven’s 1-DAY Leisure Insurance“.They use a multi-copier machine at 7-Eleven to purchase the insuranceon.)
  7. The brevet is a non-profit event and is run by volunteers. This is why the cost of participation is so low. Participants are not customers, but friends who enjoy the brevet together.
  8. Running with someone who is not a participant is considered support and the participant will lose his/her accreditation and will be disqualified.
  9. The start/finish locations, PC convenience stores, etc. are all places that we ask you to “let” us use. Please be sure to use good manners, including at all facilities along the route. Please be aware that “groups of people wearing reflective vests” and “groups of people riding bicycles” are conspicuous, so please behave accordingly: do not stand your bicycles on glass surfaces, separate trash and dispose of it or take it home, do not shout, do not sit down…Most participants are doing well, but remember that a few insane behaviors will be seen as representative of us.

Required Equipment

For your safety, please ride with the necessary equipment. The following is an excerpt from Audax Japan’s BRM/AJ regulations. Please also check the additional regulations of Randonneur Sakura.

第2条 参加資格 のうち自転車について) 人力で動く車両(Human-Powerd Vehicle)であれば参加可能である。唯一の条件は、該当の車両が走者の力のみによって駆動されることである。 日本の公道で使用可能な車両であること(スケートボードなど遊具に分類されるものは公道では使用不可能です)。

(第6条 装備) 夜間走行のために、車両に確実に固定された前照灯と尾灯とを装備することが必要である。灯火は常に完全に機能することが必要である(予備灯火は強く推奨される)。少なくとも一つの尾灯は(点滅モードではなく)常時点灯モードでなければならない。上記の要求を満たせない走者は出走を許可されない。 灯火は夕方から明け方まで点灯しなければならない。また他の視界不良の条件下(雨天、霧等)でも同様である。走者は、グループで走ろうと単独であろうと上記の要求を満たさねばならない。いかなる走者も各自の灯火を使用しなければならない! すべての走者は反射ベスト、反射たすき、反射肩掛けベルト(Sam Browne belt)、もしくは前後の見えやすい位置に反射素材がついた同様のものを着用しなければならない。 本夜間走行規則のいかなる違反をも、走者は即座に失格となる。 ベル装着とヘルメット着用を義務付ける。400km以上では前照灯2つ、ヘルメットに尾灯(点滅可)を装着すること。

Audax Japan BRM/AJ規定 第6条

Randonneur Sakura Additional Regulations

  1. About Bell
    • In accordance with Japanese regulations, do not forget to bring a bell. Bells that ring constantly or can be shaken, such as “bear bells” and “cowbells,” are not acceptable as bells. Bells must be fixed to the vehicle body.
  2. Lights
    • Lights shall be secured to the vehicle body. It is not acceptable if they are only fixed to bags or other vehicle body accessories (it is acceptable if more than the specified number are used as an addition).
    • If the lights are found to be insufficiently bright even when properly installed, improvements should be sought.
    • It is also recommended that a spare light be prepared for the 200 km and 300 km.
  3. Reflective Vest
    • Reflective vests or other vests that turn inside out and become invisible are not permitted.
    • A reflective vest must be worn throughout the day and night while driving in the BRM.
    • It must be worn on the outermost part of the garment, including a kappa or windbreaker.
    • When carrying a backpack, the reflective material must be visible from behind.
    • Inquiries about individual products cannot be answered in many cases because the actual product is unknown, so please do your own research and make your own decisions.

Participation Procedures

  • Read and understand the instructions so far
  • Read each BRM event page and apply during the application period (applications will close even during the application period if we reach capacity).
  • Application is through Sports Entry; you do not have to be an AJ member to participate.